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Outstanding Paver Services for Properties in Estero, FL

Our services include paver cleaning, sealing, and repair.

Estero, FL is a beautiful village in Lee County with roughly 37,000 residents. It is located between Naples and Fort Myers and is home to Florida Gulf Coast University, which is notorious for its stellar men's basketball program. Estero, FL is also home to Mound Key Archaeological State Park which is located on Estero Bay. The village hugs the coast and features breathtaking ocean scenery.

At Paver Doctor, our team is proud to offer outstanding paver services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Estero, FL. Our services include paver cleaning, sealing, and repair that will help your hardscapes stand the test of time and remain in pristine condition. Let us bring your pavers back to life. Call us today at (239) 383-3366 to sign up for our services!

What pavers services do we offer?

Cracked paver over hardscape in Estero, FL.

Our team at Paver Doctor offers three primary paver services to home and business owners in Estero, FL. These services are paver cleaning, paver sealing, and paver repair. An outline of each service is below.

  • Paver Cleaning: Our paver cleaning service removes dirt, mud, mold, and other debris that tarnishes the appearance of your pavers. We do this by spraying hot, pressurized water to steam clean your pavers and using self-contained rotary surface cleaners that rid your pavers of stubborn grime. We also apply a weed and mold inhibitor that helps eliminate any microscopic spores that may be present on your pavers. But we don't stop there. Once we have completed our initial cleaning, we stabilize your pavers through our sanding process, add a barrier of protection with our sealant application, and make them safer by applying an anti-slip additive.
  • Paver Sealing: We offer a paver sealing service that protects your pavers from the elements here in Estero, FL. While sun exposure, humidity, and high temperatures can wear down your pavers, our sealant minimizes Mother Nature's overall impact. When you sign up for our paver sealing service, we apply heavy coats of premium sealant specifically designed for the climate in southwest Florida. You can choose from a sealant that has a natural, wet, gloss, or color-enhancing look. We prepare your pavers for sealing by performing an in-depth cleaning, applying a mold and weed inhibitor, and stabilizing them with sand. After we seal your pavers, we then apply an anti-slip product that further enhances safety.
  • Paver Repair: Not only do we offer paver cleaning and sealing services, but we also provide a paver repair service. We understand that your pavers are an investment that brings lasting value to your home or business. If your pavers have become structurally damaged over time, then we can fix them. Our elite team is trained to repair sunken or settled pavers that result from base failure and can repair concrete edging as well. We are also capable of replacing pavers should the scenario warrant such action.

We use virtual satellite imagery to provide same-day estimates for our paver cleaning, sealing, and repair services!

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Do you have dirty, weathered, or damaged pavers on your property? If so, then our team is here to help you bring them back to life with our expert paver services. We offer paver cleaning, sealing, and repair services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Estero, FL. Our services will restore your pavers to top condition and breathe new life into your outdoor space. Stop settling for subpar pavers. Call us today at (239) 383-3366 to sign up for our services!

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