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Professional Paver Services for Properties in Fort Myers Beach, FL

We offer paver cleaning, sealing, and repair services.

One of the most popular places and tourist destinations in Florida is Fort Myers Beach. This town is on the state's southwestern coast on Estero Island. While a little over 5,600 people are lucky enough to call Fort Myers Beach home, there are endless streams of tourists and people from up north seeking warm solace in a place where there's no shortage of things to do. For example, you can fish, boat, and swim in the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You can also visit one of its many nature preserves and parks, including Lovers Key State Park and Bowditch Point Park.

Fort Myers Beach, FL, is a highly affluent area that emulates beauty wherever you go; our team at Paver Doctor helps residential and commercial property owners here reflect that - with our professional paver services! We offer cleaning, sealing, and repair services to bring your pavers back to life. That way, they stay in pristine condition for years to come. You can reach us at (239) 383-3366 to sign up for any of our paver services and give your pavers a much-needed touchup today!

We offer paver cleaning, sealing, and repair services to property owners in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

A professional cleaning pavers on a property in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Your hardscapes are focal points on your property in Fort Myers Beach, FL, and we're here to ensure your pavers stay pristine and durable with the following services:

  • Paver Cleaning: Over time, your pavers likely experience frequent wear and tear and other factors that cause a buildup of dirt and grime. Fortunately, we offer a paver cleaning service to enhance their appearance and leave them looking brand-new! We begin our thorough cleaning process by using highly pressurized, hot water to steam clean them and clear dirt, grime, mud, and other debris from your pavers. Then, we use self-contained rotary cleaners to evenly clean the surface before applying a weed and mold inhibitor to kill any existing growth and spores. We'll also hydro-compact sand between the paver joints to stabilize them and prevent any more weeds from growing there.
  • Paver Sealing: Our paver sealing service is just what you need to protect your pavers from harsh environmental conditions and additional wear and tear! We'll apply heavy coats of a sealant specifically tailored to withstand the climate, humidity, and weather temperatures here in Fort Myers Beach, FL. You can also choose between our various sealant options to give your pavers a natural, wet, glossy, or color-enhancing finish! Then, we'll apply an anti-slip additive to give your pavers a slight grip.
  • Paver Repairs: If your pavers need repairs, look no further than our paver repair service! Our crew has all the necessary training and experience to rectify virtually any problem, from concrete edging repairs to settled or sunken pavers resulting from a base failure; we can even replace a paver if necessary! You can trust that we'll do whatever it takes to get them to tip-top condition again in no time.

We offer a three-year warranty with all of our paver cleaning and sealing maintenance packages!

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Your hardscape features are an investment, and giving your pavers the TLC they need can ensure they continue to look as good as new while increasing their longevity. Fortunately, our pros at Paver Doctor can do just that so you can enjoy them year after year! We offer paver cleaning, sealing, and repair services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Fort Myers Beach, FL. Call us today at (239) 383-3366 to sign up for our paver services!

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