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Professional Paver Services for Properties in Fort Myers, FL

We offer paver cleaning, sealing, and repair services.

Fort Myers is one of the most well-known cities in Florida, with a little over 92,200 people calling it home. Here, you'll find a vibrant community and a growing job market; it's also a major tourist destination for a reason. The beaches here are not just beautiful but also a great place for shelling; being on a shallow water plateau, they collect more shell varieties than any other place in North America. You can also visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, which feature a historical museum and a 21-acre botanical garden. If you like to go fishing, the man-made freshwater lakes at Lakes Park is the perfect place to do so.

Fort Myers is truly a spectacle with unmatched beauty, and at Paver Doctor, we'll help you say the same for your property here with our professional paver services. With cleaning, sealing, and repair services, we'll ensure your pavers remain equally beautiful and durable for years.

Keep your pavers pristine and durable with our paver services.

Missing paver on a hardscape needing a repair in Fort Myers, FL.

Keeping your pavers pristine and durable will ensure you get the most out of your hardscapes, and we have everything you need to do just that! We offer the following paver services to property owners in Fort Myers, FL:

  • Paver Cleaning: Give your pavers a much-needed appearance touch-up with our cleaning service! We'll remove dirt, debris, mold, and weed growth by steam cleaning your pavers using highly pressurized heated water. Then, we'll evenly clean the surface with self-contained rotary surface cleaners. However, that's not all - our paver cleaning service also includes optional paver repair, a mold and weed inhibitor application, sanding, sealant, and an anti-slip additive.
  • Paver Sealing: We want to ensure we seal your pavers when they're at their best; to do this, we'll clean them and kill any weeds and mold growth. Then, we'll hydro-compact sand between the paver joints to stabilize them and help prevent any more weed growth. Once we complete that, we'll apply heavy coats of sealant to lock in their cleanliness and protect them from additional wear and tear. Not only is this sealant designed to withstand the climate in Fort Myers, but it can also have a natural, wet, glossy, or color-enhancing finish to boost the aesthetic appearance of your pavers. Finally, we'll apply an anti-slip additive to give your pavers a slight grip.
  • Paver Repair: It's crucial to repair your damaged pavers, as they drag down your hardscape's aesthetic appeal and even cause structural issues. Fortunately, that's where we come in - we have all the experience and training necessary to repair structural damages, from concrete edging to sunken or settled pavers resulting from base failure; we'll even replace your pavers if necessary! You can trust that we'll make your pavers look brand new again in no time.

You can choose from any of our three paver cleaning and sealing packages - gold, silver, and bronze - to satisfy your ongoing maintenance needs and receive a 3-year warranty.

Call us to schedule any of our paver services today!

At Paver Doctor, we'll help you get years of use out of your pavers and ensure they remain beautiful with our paver services, which we offer to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Fort Myers, FL. Whether you want to touch up their appearance with cleaning, protect them from wear and tear with sealing, repair your damaged ones, or all of the above - we've got you covered. Call us at (239) 383-3366 to schedule any of our paver services today!

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