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Modern paver patio with light trim near Estero, FL.
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Paver Services in & Around Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, & Estero, FL

We can clean, seal, and repair your pavers.

At Paver Doctor, we have all the tools and experience necessary to bring your pavers back to life! We offer our paver services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Estero, FL, and other nearby areas. Whether you need paver cleaning, sealing, or repairs - we can do it all! We also offer cleaning and sealing packages to provide ongoing maintenance annually, bi-annually, or as a one-time visit. Call us at (239) 383-3366 to schedule any of our paver services today!

Paver Cleaning

Cleaning a paver walkway with a power washer in Bonita Springs, FL.

Spruce up your pavers with our paver cleaning service! From dirt and debris to mold and weed growth, cleaning them will remove it all so that they sparkle and enhance the appearance of your hardscapes. We will use highly pressurized heated water to steam clean them before cleaning the surface of your pavers evenly with self-contained rotary surface cleaners. However, that's not all! While cleaning them will give them a much-needed appearance touchup, we want to ensure they are structurally sound and will last for years. Because of this, our paver cleaning services also include the following:

  • Optional paver repair
  • A mold and weed inhibitor application
  • Sanding
  • Sealant
  • Anti-slip additive

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Paver Sealing

Sealed natural stone pavers on a patio near Naples, FL.

We can seal your pavers to protect them from additional wear and tear and give them a longer lifespan! First, we'll prepare your pavers for the sealant by thoroughly cleaning them, killing existing weeds and mold spores, and compacting sand between the paver joints. Then, we'll lock in their cleanliness by applying heavy coats of sealant over your pavers, using one designed for the humidity, climate, and temperatures here. Once we finish sealing, we'll apply an anti-slip additive to give your pavers a slight grip.

Not only does sealing your pavers protect them, but it also gives them an aesthetic upgrade! Our sealant can have a natural, wet, glossy, or color-enhancing finish.

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Paver Repair

Pavers being repaired at a home in Bonita Springs, FL.

Damaged pavers are just as much an eyesore as they are problematic to the overall structure of your hardscape. Fortunately, our highly trained techs have all the experience necessary to repair structural damages, including concrete edging, sunken or settled pavers resulting from base failure, and more. Repairing your pavers is crucial to getting the most use out of them, and you can count on us to properly repair any damaged pavers!

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Paver Cleaning & Sealing Packages

Pressure washer cleaning pavers in North Naples, FL.

Cleaning and sealing isn't a one-and-done process but an ongoing one - and you can regularly maintain your pavers with any of our cleaning and sealing packages! We offer three packages you can choose from to accommodate your maintenance needs and preferences: gold, silver, and bronze.

  • Our gold and silver packages include power wash steam cleaning, a mold and weed inhibitor application, joint sand touchups, and a sealer application. However, gold provides annual maintenance while silver is bi-annual.
  • Our bronze package provides a one-time maintenance visit a year after the initial application, where we'll power wash steam clean your pavers and apply a mold and weed inhibitor.

All our paver cleaning and sealing packages come with a 3-year warranty on your pavers!

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From paver cleaning and sealing to repairs - we can satisfy all your paver needs with our top-quality services, which we offer to homeowners, business owners, and HOA property owners in and around Bonita Springs, FL, including Fort Myers Beach, and Estero. Call us at (239) 383-3366 to sign up for any of our paver services.

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